Hold out your hand, palm open.

The PALM Series prides itself on its accessibility and its emphasis on creating a sustainable discourse. We will send out a parcel of pieces biannually, curated by our editorial staff not with an answer in mind, but with a question. We will throw our nets out and collect what drifts in, in response. Each of our published works will be accessible to all, and each collected piece will be within the folds of a single page, a micro project that makes each printable PDF available on our website, or each parcel available in print, a collaboration with the reader.

Our PALM parcels are 5 self-contained pieces each printed on a single piece of paper, folded into a micro chapbook, any one of which should be used as a metric for thematic and formal fodder for the next issue. Our hope is that these parcels will be read open-ended, without the constraint of agenda: we want you to give us the answers. We welcome all ethical, complicated, untethered, and expanded pieces in response to what has been delivered. We also welcome new, surprising, and uncharted territory, regardless of what came before.

Submissions (up to 5):

4000 words (or less) of consecutive unformatted text. Whitespace, line breaks, and tabs dramatically alter this word count maximum. PALM page dimensions do not exceed 2.75″ X 4.25″, and PALM booklets have a maximum of 14 pages. Submissions must be previously unpublished. Simultaneous submissions are welcomed but please let us know your status. Submissions must be ethically and formally engaging, regardless of content.

Feel free to contact us if you have questions regarding the perimeters of your specific project.

As always, we editors are here only to ask more questions, to close the gaps that divide us. Instead, we want you to read these as letters. We want you to answer.

Cast Your Hand Out to Sea.


Katherine Marie Agard Taylor McDaniel Taylor McGill Regis Armani Peeples Calvin Walds